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We all love a sweet treat at the end of a meal and IBC’s delicious and indulgent new drink recipes offer foodies an alternative and fun way to enjoy their favourite desserts.

Easy to make with just a few ingredients from IBC’s Simply range of frappes, syrups and sauces, offer either as a speciality drink or add to the dessert menu – no fork required!

Dress down with classic chocolate curls or load with eye popping sprinkles, candies and fruit pieces in true unicorn style that customers will Simply love.


Black Forest Latte (serves 1)



o 1oz of simply chocolate sauce
o 10ml of simply cherry syrup
o Double Espresso
o Steamed Milk
o (Optional) Whipped cream


  1. Pour sauce and syrup into a cup; add freshly pulled espresso shot(s).
  2. Swirl to mix and pour in steamed milk.
  3. Top with whipped cream

Apple Crumble Frappe (serves 1)



o 28g Vanilla Frappe Powder
Simply Apple and Cinnamon Sauce
Biscuit Crumb
o Full cup of ice cubes
o Whipped Cream
o 6oz of milk


  1. Pour 6 oz of milk into the blender, then adding apple and cinnamon sauce and 1 scoop (28g) of vanilla frappe powder.
  2. Pour a cup of ice into the blender and blend for 30 seconds.
  3. Pour from the blender into the cup and top with whip cream and biscuit crumb.
christmas pudding

Our new seasonal recipes are a perfect way to enjoy the festive spirit!

Simply Christmas Pudding Syrup –

Simply Chocolate Sauce –


Why not celebrate Halloween with this delicious pecan latte recipe loaded with the rich, deep flavours of autumn. A warming indulgent treat…


  • 2 tbsp (1 oz) Simply Pecan Syrup
  • 1 cup (8oz) milk
  • 2 shots espresso


Steam milk and Simply Pecan Syrup together. Pour into a tall glass and add brewed espresso. Spoon a thin layer of foamed milk over beverage and enjoy!


Why not try this recipe using our Simply Gingerbread Syrup and Simply Chocolate Sauce…a perfect combination of flavours for the colder months.


It’s National Baking Week 16-23 October and what better way to celebrate than with a very generous sprinkling of IBC’s decorative toppings

According to Ricky Flax, general manager, the Italian Beverage Company (IBC),  “Creative toppings take only a few seconds to do and add just pennies to the overall cost of the finished dessert, cake, cookie, ice cream or beverage.  Yet they elevate the all-important ‘serve’ and increase the customer’s perceived value which means they are willing to pay a bit more which is good news for operators.”

IBC’s multi-purpose decorative toppings include flavoured sprinkles and strands, chocolate beans, biscuit and cookie crumbs and freeze dried fruits and marshmallows.

IBC offers everything from popular kiddies’ favourites such as candy bears and elephants, smiley faces and three colour stars, to more ‘grown up’ dark chocolate flakes and Amaretto Crumb plus seasonal themes such as Easter eggs, green fir trees and pink hearts.

Many of the toppings can also be used as an inclusion in baking, desserts, and confectionery which adds further to their value as an essential store cupboard ingredient.

“It’s a well-known fact the customers buy with their eyes so we recommend sprinkling our toppings liberally on cakes, cookies, hot chocolates, smoothies, shakes and desserts for a ‘dressed to impress’ mouth-watering treat,” said Ricky.




Why not try a combination of our products to create your perfect drink? We have created this recipe using our Simply Strawberry Syrup and Simply Mango Ice Blendable Smoothie Concentrate.

Simply Ice Blendable Mango Smoothie –

Simply Strawberry Syrup –


Ricky Flax, general manager, the Italian Beverage Company, talks tea!

Did you know that tea remains the most consumed drink in the UK with us Brits drinking four billion cups out-of-home in 2016, an increase of 3.6% on the previous year?

Everyday black teas will always be the mainstay of the beverage menu but don’t overlook fruit and herbal teas and infusions which grew 2.5% last year and are particularly popular with the under 45s. An operator who offers a variety of flavoured options alongside traditional back teas broadens the appeal of the beverage menu and will undoubtedly encourage more customers to part with their cash.

Tea innovation

Feeding the trend for alternative options, we offer Simply Iced Teas in three light and fruity flavours which are ideal for warmer months and between seasons when customers might be looking for light and refreshing thirst quenchers: Jasmine and Lime (with Black tea extract), Peach plus Passionfruit and Lemon. All free from hydrogenated fats; GMO; artificial colours; artificial flavours; Halal Certified and Vegetarian Society Approved. Just mix with water and serve over ice.

The whole customer experience should be considered and that includes the flavours on offer, how the tea is served and the presentation of the finished drink. For example fruit and herbal teas served in glass cups or mugs look great as the colour of the blend is highlighted which increases the aesthetic appeal.


Switching up the menu

With so much competition on the high street, creating a point of difference has become more important than ever in terms of building brand loyalty. Switching up the menu with interesting new beverages and seasonal recipes has become the norm to keep customers interested all year round.

Don’t forget flavoured syrups!

IBC also offer an extensive range of syrups which can be added to fruit teas to ring the changes.

For example, inject a new dimension to Simply Passionfruit and Lemon iced tea by adding a shot of simply Strawberry Syrup. Just mix together pour over ice and serve.   Or add Simply Lime syrup to our Simply Jasmine and Lime iced tea for an extra zingy citrus pop.

Customers are keen to try new things and adding seasonal specials, themed drinks or just a new drinks selection based on mixing in new syrup flavours keeps the menu fresh and customers engaged.

Don’t underestimate your customers! They will happily try something new and maintaining an interesting menu with seasonal recipes might just be the one thing that keeps your customers coming back for more!



It was IBC’s founder and managing director Sheldon Flax that discovered flavoured syrups whilst on a hunt for new products in the USA and subsequently introduced them to the UK coffee shop sector. That was 25 years ago.

Today IBC manufactures its own brand of premium classic and sugar free syrups and has a huge range of flavours on offer, from the classic Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate to the more unusual Egg Nog, Red Velvet Cake and Bubble Gum.

This year IBC will launch an impressive sixteen additional flavours, including five new sugar free options.   Check out in early Autumn when full details of the complete new range will be revealed.

According to Ricky Flax, general manager, the Italian Beverage Company (IBC), “Flavoured syrups have become a coffee shop essential and one of the most versatile ‘must have’ ingredients on the shelf.”

“Our syrups are highly concentrated and the flavours are truly authentic – a little goes a long way. We have achieved a balance so that the syrup complements rather than competes with the overall flavour of the finished beverage and if for example, you add syrup to a coffee the beverage will retain its original consistency.

Syrups are a vital part of the mix because they can be used all year round to change up the beverage menu. “Customers are keen to try new things and adding seasonal specials, themed drinks or just a new drinks selection based on mixing in new syrup flavours keeps the menu fresh and customers engaged.”

IBC recommend stocking a core range of classic flavours for use in hot and iced coffees and hot chocolates such as Simply Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Mint and Chocolate.  These warmer, indulgent options are ideal for autumn and winter and can be supplemented with seasonal specials such as Simply Chestnut Praline, Xmas Pudding and Gingerbread in a whole range of signature drinks – the only limitation is the barista’s imagination!

Simply fruit syrups are especially popular during warmer spells when customers might be looking for lighter, more refreshing options. “We urge baristas to take some time out to experiment with the flavours on offer,” said Ricky. “Our syrups can be used to great effect in any blended drinks to either complement or intensify existing flavours. So get creative, mix it up, explore and enjoy!

“Don’t overlook the fun, stand out flavours such as Simply Toasted Marshmallow or Pumpkin Spice as these too have a place in a well-stocked bar. Once a customer is hooked on your innovative flavour combos it could well be the one thing that keeps him/her coming back for more – spreading the word on the way.”

For example, inject a new dimension to IBC’s Simply Passionfruit and Lemon iced tea by adding a shot of simply Strawberry Syrup. Just mix together pour over ice and serve.   Or add Simply Lime syrup to IBC’s Simply Jasmine and Lime iced tea for an extra zingy citrus pop.

Simply flavoured syrups are not just for front of house. They can be used as a baking ingredient in cake and muffin recipes or to drizzle over ice creams and desserts too.

“Our Simply syrups are so versatile they can turn an everyday beverage or dessert into something a little special and this is the main reason why they have become an indispensable item for any coffee shop owner.”



We’re half way through the Wimbledon fortnight and things are beginning to hot up on the court. Help your customers keep their cool by serving some thirst-quenching and delicious Wimbledon specials, strawberry themed of course!

Our Simply Strawberry Syrup is a smashing addition to all sorts of mocktails, cocktails, milkshakes and iced teas. Or if you are serving desserts, why not try our new Simply Strawberry Topping Sauce to add an extra burst of fruity flavour.

With the IBC Simply range, the possibilities are endless. Here are a couple of recipes that you might like to try.




Here we have served up some fun Wimbledon foodie facts:

  • Over 23 tonnes of strawberries were served last year.
  • The FMC catering team serve around 300,000 cups of tea and coffee over the Wimbledon fortnight.
  • Plus around 150,000 glasses of Pimm’s and 135,000 ice creams are also devoured
  • If you laid all the strawberries that were sold at Wimbledon next to each other they would measure 60km.

Game, set and match, Team IBC!


As if we need any excuse to indulge any more – July 7th is world Chocolate Day!

With Simply chocolate syrups, sauces, milkshakes and wafers we are as nuts about chocolate as the rest of the nation – apparently us Brits consume on average 11kg of chocolate each per year and that’s a lot of chocolate.

Celebrate Chocolate Day with these delicious recipes:


Did you know?

Did you know that the Maya Indians and the Aztecs were the first to use ‘chocolate’ in various areas across America? Cocoa trees grew wild there and the cocoa beans were used as a currency as well as for a ‘chocolate’ drink that they enjoyed.

It is said that Christopher Columbus was the first to introduce cocoa beans to Europe between 1502 and 1504. The beans were used in a drink, similar to the Aztecs and Mayans, which spread in popularity across Europe finally reaching England in the 1650s.

Chocolate became a fashionable drink throughout Europe and was mostly a privilege of the rich. When the steam engine was invented it revolutionised the sales of chocolate and made mass production possible.

The first modern chocolate bar was credited to Joseph Fry; in 1847 he created a chocolate paste and from then onwards chocolate bars were created and mass-produced across many countries around the world.


Our new ‘Add a Scoop’ powdered nutritional supplements are perfect for injecting a healthy boost to food and beverages, feeding the current wellness trend and the nation’s interest in nutrient rich food choices when eating out. Simply add a scoop to smoothies, shakes, cereals, yoghurts etc. to compliment a healthy options menu.nutritional supplements

“Consumers are taking a much more proactive approach to health these days with nearly half of Britons take a daily vitamin or mineral supplement,” said Ricky Flax, general manager, IBC.

“We are seeing a surge in vegan and plant based menu concepts, and dairy, gluten and soya free food items as consumers prioritise their health.   Our new Add a Scoop range allows operators to tap into this wellness trend simply by adding a taste and odour free supplement to everyday food and drink items.”

nutritional supplements

Add a Scoop nutritional supplement range

Antioxidant; calcium; whey protein;  green;  energy; fibre; multivitamin; Matcha Green Tea; protein smoothie, Vitamin C and immune support boost. Vegetarian Society approved. Halal and Kosher certified. GMO free.

topping sauce


 Just in time for Summer, we have launched a new range of authentic Italian style Simply Topping Sauces that can transform an everyday dessert into an irresistible treat in seconds.

If your desserts are crying out for a burst of flavour and a splash of colour, we’ve got 6 fun, fruity flavours and 4 indulgent, rich options to choose from. Drizzle over ice creams, sundaes and plated puds to really impress your customers.

Use the sauces singularly or get creative and combine flavours. Try peach and raspberry or Belgian chocolate and mint. With flavours such as kiwi, cherry, strawberry, caramel, Belgian white chocolate and coffee the possibilities are endless.

“There is always room to enhance the summer menu with an unexpected twist and our sauces have a real depth of flavour which can really transform the run of the mill into a true dessert hero,” said Ricky Flax, general manager, IBC.

“Creative toppings take only a few seconds to do and add just pennies to the overall cost of the finished dessert.  Yet they increase the customer’s perceived value which means they are willing to pay a bit more which is good news for operators.”

New Simply Topping Sauces complement IBC’s existing range of decorative toppings which includes flavoured sprinkles and strands, chocolate flakes, biscuit and cookie crumbs and freeze dried fruits and marshmallows.  “Sprinkle liberally on cakes, cookies, smoothies, shakes and desserts for a ‘dressed to impress’ mouth-watering treat,” said Ricky.


IBC Simply Topping Sauces are supplied in 1kg bottles, 6 bottles per case. Ambient storage.  Use within 6 months after opening.

Using a smoothie or frappe concentrate allows you to instantly update the menu with a delicious range of unusual drinks which are perfect for anytime of the year, particularly the spring and summer months when consumers may be looking for light and fruity thirst quenchers.

Don’t underestimate your customers!  They are keen to try something a bit different and sparking their interest by adding a new range of interesting summer drinks might be the one thing that keeps them coming back for more.

We have delved into our recipe books and come up with a couple of ideas that you might like to try as the weather warms up over the coming summer season:



Summer Fruit Smoothie

Ingredients (Serves 1)

5 fl oz Simply Summer Fruit Smoothie concentrate

3 fl oz water

one cup of ice

1 teaspoon of Simply freeze dried blackcurrants

1 teaspoon Simply freeze dried strawberry bits

1 teaspoon Simply freeze dried Raspberry bits


  1. Pour smoothie concentrate and water into a blender.  Add the fruit pieces.
  2. Add a cup of ice and blend for 30 seconds
  3. Pour into a glass and serve!



White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple Frappe

Ingredients (Serves 1)frappe

1 scoop Simply White Chocolate Frappe

4fl oz milk

1 oz Simply Raspberry Sauce

2 teaspoons freeze dried raspberries

One cup of ice


  1. Pour milk, White Chocolate Frappe Powder and raspberry pieces (reserved a few for the top of the drink)into a blender
  2. Add a cup of ice and blend for 30 seconds
  3. Pour into a glass and drizzle with raspberry sauce and the reserved raspberry pieces

There’s still time to claim a complimentary ticket to the London Coffee Festival trade days which are  Thursday and Friday this week, but you will need to be quick.  Just drop us a line and we can organise a ticket for you – [email protected]

At the moment we are busy loading up the vans with our Simply beverage and snacking range ready for setting up at Truman Brewery on Wednesday.  Please keep  your fingers crossed we don’t forget anything!

We are very proud of our tasty new Simply biscotti and wafers, inspired by authentic Italian recipes.  The packaging looks great and the format is perfect for the OOH sector.  Please do drop by and try them, they do not disappoint.

Plus, if the weather stays warm you will be keen to sample our iced teas, smoothies  and frappes which are packed Simply smoothies summer fruitsfull of delicious fruity flavours.    Always prepared, we will also have our winter warmers on board  – the English weather is so unpredictable at this time of year!

Looking forward to a great Festival!

Spring is here and so now’s the time to starting planning ahead for those warm, lazy days of summer when customers are looking for refreshing new ways to keep their cool.

We’re thinking fresh fruity flavours, Prosecco and plenty of ice. Yes a granita, but a granita with a kick….

Here’s a great way to add a kick to our Simply range of flavoured granita powders using Prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine that is more popular in the UK than Champagne right now.


Ingredients (For a single serving):

50 grams of Simply granita powder

125ml of Prosecco

8oz of ice cubes



  1. Place 125ml of Prosecco into the blender and add the ice cubes
  2. Add the 50 grams of Granita powder
  3. Blend for 30 seconds and pour into serving glass
  4. Enjoy!


But what exactly is a granita?

A granita is a refreshing, semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, ice and a flavoring which originates from Sicily.  It is very similar in taste to a sorbet but the granular texture is coarser and flakier. Granitas are enjoyed in a multitude of flavours from coffee to almond to mulberry all over Italy, either as a beverage, dessert or between courses as a palate cleanser. 

 At IBC we offer a granita powder in six luscious fruity flavours including peach, watermelon and strawberry which make it easy for operators to create a fabulous dessert or summer drink in just minutes.