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The sun is still shining and July is National Ice Cream Month!

Jul 19, 2018
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ice cream

Great news! The sun is still shining, July is National Ice Cream Month and we have some fabulous ideas for transforming an everyday ice cream into a dazzling, irresistible treat in seconds. Our Simply Topping Sauces are a great way of adding something special to a dessert and come in seven fruity flavours, including kiwi, peach, raspberry, as well as some more indulgent options such as coffee, caramel and milk/white chocolate. Or just get creative and…

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Tapping into the healthy trend

Jul 12, 2018
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Another trend that is becoming popular right now is vegetable cocktails! As we know, the health craze is still thriving and bartenders are experimenting with vegetables to create interesting, healthy drinks and adding twists to classic recipes. Most vegetables have very distinct tastes, whether that be sweet or spicy and those flavours can compliment a variety of different spirits. Carrot juice gives a burst of sweetness whereas other root vegetables, such as beetroot, add a deep and…

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Barware trends of 2018

Jul 6, 2018
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The barware trend we think will be massive in 2018 is metal! You may think this trend is only suited to the industrial style decor but there are plenty of different types of metal that look good in a variety of different decor styles. The metal trend works well with everything from metal shakers and mugs to martini glasses; having metal barware will make everything look sleek and put together. Copper is a newer twist on…

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